Embarkation Day
The day started out bright and beautiful.
The view from the Radiance was radiant.
My hotel was across fron the Lookout Tower.
So glad the rain has left for now.
Everyone enjoyed the views.
The Sky Bar started out very quiet.
But soon it was very busy!
Looking back at the dock.
We watched the seaplanes take off and land.
North Vancouver shines in the sun.
But we soon left it behind.
Goodbye to Canada Place.
Goodbye Vancouver.
Beautiful, I'll have to come back.
Here comes the Lion's Gate bridge.
We start to go under the bridge...
And soon leave Vancouver behind.
The Stanley Park seawall follows us...
As we head out to sea.
The scenery is awesome...
In every direction.
Joan, Jimmy, Sally and Jim party on deck...
Along with a few of their new friends.
The sun begins to set...
And creates beautiful colors.