It's a beautiful Sunday morning.
I think we're approaching Ketchikan.
A fishing boat heads out to sea.
Looks like a Whale Watching boat.
Welcome to Ketchikan.
Main Street?
Let's pray for good weather.
Our native guide show us her natural skin cream.
She took us to see some eagles.
I wandered off and found an eagle closer to us.
I may have gotten too close.
It took one last look and flew away.
Our guide thought it was Spring.
Jim and Sally on the rocks.
I love my packable down jacket.
We stopped here to see bears, but didn't.
This looks like a good place for local food.
Next we were off to Saxman totem area.
Our guide explains how to read totem poles.
I really don't remember what this one says.
I know this can't be good.
At the corner of Totem Way and Killer Whale Ave.
This lodge was used for something special?
Is that a kangaroo????
OK, now I know where we are.
It's got to be Creek Street.
Lots of shops on the creek.
The view from the top of Dolly's place.
The activity on the main street.
The Radience at harbor.
The assistant cruise director warms up the crowd.
The set for tonight's show.