Joan shows us the view from her room at the Marriott Pinnacle (30th Floor)
The view from my room at Delta Vancouver Suites (6th floor)
Anyone want a ride on the Glacier?
Look, it's the famous steam clock!
Aerial view of Gastown and the railroad yard.
Look, I think I see Canada Place.
Our hotel is across the street from the Lookout Tower.
Vancouver has many tall buildings.
You can rent the Olympic Flame for $10,000 per hour.
That's a very large raindrop.
The HOHO trolley takes us past a pink high-rise.
We continued out to Stanley Park.
Canada Place from Stanley Park.
The famous "Lady in a Wetsuit".
Look, it's Granville Island!
Let's take the Aquabus.
Our captain documented our crossing.
This young woman handled the boat all by herself.
We toured the Market area.
I understrand Smoked Elk but what is Wagyu Beef?
Beautiful, but expensive raspberries.
We say "Goodbye" to Granville Island.
We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory and had a good time.
Gassy Jack, the man who started it all.
I think the sun is finally setting, I'm exhausted.
The city starts to light up.
The city looks great from the Lookout Tower.
Lights on the Olympic Stadium.
Gastown and the railroad yard at night.
The commercial docks at night.