Baltic Adventure Cruise on the Eurodam
5/21/2012 - 6/2/2012
Pre-Cruise Photos
The Ports
From Amsterdam to Amsterdam in 12 days, but it's so much more than that.  Many of us will meet in Amsterdam and share our first meal together at Haesje Claes on Saturday, May 20th at 7PM.  Then on Sunday we make our way to the Eurodam, our home for almost two weeks.    Hopefully many of us will get together to enjoy the sail-away.   Then on Monday we will gather at the Meet & Greet and get to know each other a little better.  After a nice sail where we'll be able to look down on the lowlands we enter the Baltic Sea and when we wake up if it's Tuesday  we must be in Copenhagen (Wasn't there a movie about that?)  After a wonderful day exploring Copenhagen we go back to our floating hotel and enjoy our dinner and maybe a show.  The next morning we're in Warnemunde, Germany.  Some of us will explore the surrounding area while many will make the trek into Berlin.  We then have another sea day before arriving in Tallinn.  A friend told me that it was his favorite stop on this cruise.  Then we have two fun filled days in St. Petersburg, followed by stops in Helsinki and Stockholm (Anchored in Nynashamn) and two days left to rest before we return to Amsterdam.  Whew, it's going to be amazing!
The Baltic Brawlers

CTBob = Bob & Stephanie
Jim & Sally
8pawz - Joan & Greg
papaya66 - Chuck & Bobbie
rgarick - Richard & Tripp
Jack & Kathy
Lewjenet - John & Julie
drtee - Lou Ann
CHATBAR23 - Diane & Lou
dutchessathome - Jack & Anne
AB7AV - Rhoda & Doug
nurseoz - Roslyn & Audrey
LisaMarieSP - Dani  & Jonni
Abibel - Lisa & Colin
sedavisdba - Scott & Pat
Rabitt - Bob & Pat
TravelBug99 = Paul & Cindy
3 dogs - Mellissa & James
Janice & Allan
SenorJim - Gloria & Jim
rushsaga2012 - ????
ducker47 - Gary & Darlene
Bob & Darrlene
scarletknight - John & Regina
afreofan - Terry & Lois
ducci - Sjaak & Lies
golf.sandy - Sandy & Roger
shanagy - Tom & Kathi
GettysburgBill - Bill & Dale
Ray & Kay
HES - Alan & Hallie
scottsdalearizona - Cliff & Judy
Natandkat - Norma & David
mobilehome - Rosemary & ?
TwinAnchors - David & Margo
Rivermeadows = Pam & John
Vicki & Kim
Chrisaw14 = Joy & Chris
Cathi & Joe
kaniafa - Fiona & Alex
emmapm - Peter & Petra
milomelbourne - Jill & David
Ian & Pam

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The Eurodam
Meet & Greet

Our Meet & Greet is scheduled for May 22nd, our first day at sea at 10:30 AM in the Crow's Nest.
Please try and attend to meet your fellow cruisers.
Pre-Cruise Dinner

Our pre-cruise dinner will be at Haesje-Claes restaurant on Spuistraat at 7PM on May 20th
in the Blue Room.
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