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And off we go to Bermuda
Our captain was very personable
Here's the officers.  They took excellent care of us.
Gene and Wendy ready for dinner at Blu.
One of the lead singers.
A futuristic dance number.  Very colorful.
It was the hotel manager's birthday, we gave her a bar towel.
The featured singers.
Plenty of action by the dancers.
Our balcony was nice but didn't get much use.
An early morning photo of the pool area.
Another photo of our cabin.
Another early morning photo.
And another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
Enough of that, I think I see Bermuda.
Doesn't look like much fun.
Let's dock in front of the Breakaway.
Our tugboat, the Faithful.
This is a Bermuda Ferry.
The Royal Naval Dockyard.
Our pilot's job is done.
Our home in Bermuda.
We grabbed the ferry to St. George's.
Bermuda is very colorful.
Sometimes it's too colorful.
There's a lot going on at this place.
Rain collection roof systems.
Our first lighthouse.
Very pretty and a nice climb.
Great view from up here.
Beautiful vistas.
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