It's my website so I come last!  (CTBob) If you've been on HAL you might recognize Hunky Dory too.
Here's Luis (estofon), can you guess where he is?
Joe and Donna (INeedAShot), originators of our group.
Captain Tom Rackham and Bloody Jenny Rackham near their hideout.  Do they look familiar???
Jeff (JeffCMH) and Tony enjoy their time in Copenhagen
Lori Ann and Lee (lori-annk) at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort.  This is at their daughter's wedding rehersal dinner.
Pre-cruise Photos  -  Celebrity Summit to Bermuda 5/19/2013
Here's Beth and Bruce (bunnyette) in Vancouver prior to
an Alaskan cruise last September.
On a Hawaiian cruise on the Celebrity Century last November are  Janice and Gene (drexeljan) who live near St. Louis.
Obviously John and Nancy  (snoguy) love to cruise.  They are travelling with Joe and Donna (INeedAShot).
More pirates, maybe we better leave the jewelry at home?
Here's Russ (russman77) from Washington, DC. in Istanbul.   He has been kind enough to offer his cabin for the Poker Crawl.  So be sure to stop in and say "Hi!"
Nice shirt Scooter (Cruise_pup), where's your lei?  Was this taken when you were King of the Hawaiian Festival in Maui in 2008?

(OK, I made that up!)
Cruisetarp AKA Jim and MaryLou relaxing in Costa Maya
Carol and Tony (cruisin c) take a stroll on the Great Wall
Craig and Pam will be celebrating their 25th Wedding Anniversary
with a renewal of vows aboard the Summit.
Frank and Anne Maria (CruisingChick) are on a cruise somewhere, sometime!
John and Annamae (akunick1) check out the deck chairs on the Silhouette.