Seaforth Does the Mediterranean 5/27/2010
Here we go again! But this is definitely special.  After all it's Europe and I've never been across the pond.  To insure that I have a great time I am taking many of my best friends with me.  They are (In no particular order):
Jim and Sally
Dick and Sharon
Bill and Michele
Jim and Jill
Dave and Sheila
Bob (That's Me) and Stephanie
Bob and Francoise
Brian and Arla
Ron and Dee
Del and Cathy
John and Chris

We also plan on making new friends of:
Lydia and Gareth
Joan and Otis
John and Laura
Frank and Cindy and DD Annabelle
Martin and Shona and DD Lorna
Tom and Win
Billy and Joyce
Steven and Christine
George and Maureen
Karen and Rachel
Dennis and LeAnn with DD Laura
Ellen and DD Jackie
Joe and Cindy with DDs Zoe and Hannah and BF Steve
Jeff and Kelli
Wes and Carol and DD Beka
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