Why Seaforth?  Well it is an extension of Seacubed and is an alternate spelling of Sea Fourth or C^4 or CCCC and stands for Connecticut and Coastal Carolina Cruisers.  This is a blending (I hope) of old and new friends and past cruising buddies.  The old friends are known as the Octet (Since there were 8 of us) and the new group consists of a dozen transplants to Coastal Carolina, most from CT who adopted the name Seacubed last year on our cruise to the Panama Canal.  I just noticed that it will be exactly one year and one month since that cruise.  Anyway here are our photos so that you can identify us.. 
Hey (that's a Southern greeting) it's me Bob.  I'm  the instigator of this adventure and I hope when all is said and done I'll have made some new friends and not lost any of the old ones.......
Bob and Stephanie clowning around
It's the Octet, from left: Ron, Stephanie, Brian, Dee, Arla, Bill, Michele, Me
Dick and Sharon, our travel experts
Jim and Jill at the picture spot
Dave and Sheila without their golf clubs
Bob and Francoise - Ready to Party!
Here we have Jim and Sally, there's always the chance that Jim will be in trouble so buy him a drink.
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Del and Cathy are long time friends of Jim and Jill and are honorary members of Seaforth.  They are from Cansas (sp?)
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