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Rules for the Shipbuilding Competition
Congratulations! You have wholeheartedly embarked on a journey that only the very brave of the past have dared even contemplate.  This is building your own ship and sailing it into uncharted waters.  Can you endure?
We will judge your masterpiece on the following categories:

1.  General Appearance
2.  Sea worthiness
3.  Creativity
4.  Cargo capacity
5.  Crowd response*

1.  You may not build your ship out of materials that we will need on a future cruise, I.E. salt and pepper shakers, Lido food trays, Television sets, etc.
2.  You may not sabotoge another team's ship.
3.  You may not test your ship in any form of liquid prior to the sea trials.
4.  You may find or buy in port material appropriate to your ship's needs.
5.  The Great Sea Trials will take place at the Lido deck on a sea day.  Several days prior to the trials I will send a notice to each Captain's cabin as to the exact date and time.
6.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the time listed in your daily schedule on the day of the trials.
7.  Have fun and Good Luck.                     
See the photos below!
Click here to see a short video from YouTube of a Shipbuilding Contest
Follow this link to see Cruisinetta's unbelievable entry!